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Cottages at Ridgeview Home Owners Association Inc.



This is the Cottages at Ridgeview HOA contacts information page

Reminder:  The HOA is an administrative non-profit corporation.  It does not have authoritative powers such as code enforcement, police, and animal control authority as the Human Society.





The Board phone number


Call to leave a message for the board.  Call Ph 719-357-7174 or email car@cottageshoa.com.  This number is exclusively used only by the board.  Only to board can retrieve and listen to these messages.  The management company does not have access to this line.

Please leave a message of what you need or response. Messages with no message, or that stated call me or call my number, those calls will not receive a return call. 





The Directors Emails




General Cottages email: car@cottageshoa.com

Ken Kennedy: ken1@cottageshoa.com

Brandon Wallace: brandon1@cottageshoa.com

Christopher Pratts: chris1@cottageshoa.com





 Architectural submission, covenants




Ridgeview at Stetson Hills Master Homeowners Association Web site   http://www.eHammersmith.com




The Cottages Mangement Company 


The Cottages HOA no longer have a professional management company.  We have contracted with a company to perform the bookkeeping function.  

As part of the cost reduction initiative of the new board that decreased the budget by over $25,000 (dropped your quarterly dues from $54.60 to $34.60 per quarter) by dropping the expensive management company since we all already pay the Master HOA dues to do the same function.  

The company we contract with is just to be our accounting service, not the managemant company.  So, please contact them only for account status and copies. 

To obtain your Cottages HOA account information:

Bennett-Shellenberger Realty, Inc.

Atten: Wendy Rendon

1710 Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Ph# 719-471-1703

Email:  wendy@bsr1890.com 



Bennett-Shellenberger contact info:

Cylinda Walker (Community Association Manager)

Phone: 719-471-1703

Wendy Rendon (Residential Account Support)

Phone: 719-471-1703






  The Ridgeview at Stetson Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.



           Office name:  Ridgeview at Stetson Hills Homeowners Association

           Also known as Stetson Hills Master Homeowners Association  


           All Cottages HOA owners are also members of the Master HOA and pay 

           thier assestments.   The Master HOA contact info:


           Hammersmith Management 
           1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd, #495
           Colorado Springs, CO 80920
           Phone: 719-389-0700
           email: StetsonHillsMaster@ehammersmith.com
Web site address: http://www.eHammersmith.com






Colorado Springs Police & Fire Dept:
Non-emergencynumber 444-7000 (noisy neighbors, parking complaints, abandoned vehicles, neighbors with suspicous activity) File these online with www.springs.gov

Code Enforcement 719-444-7891
(weed removal, obnoxious garbage) File these online with www.springs.gov

Humane Society 719-473-1741
(barking dogs, animals running free)
They can handle animal complaints much more effectively than the HOA can, as they can issue citations to the dog owners and take dogs into custody if necessary.

Abandoned Vehicles:
Colorado Springs Code Enforcement: 719-444-7706
Colorado Springs City Ordinance says any vehicle parked on a city street must be moved at least every 72 hours so as not to be considered abandoned. They will come out and mark the tires and then come back and tow the vehicle if it is not moved within that time frame.