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Cottages at Ridgeview Home Owners Association Inc.



This is the Cottages at Ridgeview HOA governing documents page.   





The Cottages HOA governing documents



  The CC&R's or Declaration

  The Articles of Incorporation

            Current Periodic Report filed with State of Colorado

  The Bylaws

  Filing 9 CC&R

  Filing 11 CC&R




The Cottages HOA policies required by law (SB100 and SB89)



  Adopiton and Admendment policy

  Collection and Procedure policy

  Conduct of Meetings policy

  Conflict of Interest policy

  Enforcement Regulation and Fines policy

  Inspection and Copying of Records policy

  Investment of Reserve Funds policy

  Alternative Dispute Resolution policy (SB89)




The Cottages HOA policies adopted by the board 



  Collection policy (revised 03-16-09)

           Collection policy admendment -payment plan

  Design Guidelines policy

           Design Guidelines admendment


Other Cottages HAT document required to govern the HOA

Cottages Reserve Study 



Master Documents



           Copies offered on Master Web page


            The CC&R's or Declaration       

            The Articles of Incorporation      Not offered on Master web page

            The Bylaws                                   


            Reserve Study                              Not offered  on Master web page   




            Copies offered here  (if you wish a copy-please email me.  I will verify person prior 

                                                    to sending)



            The CC&R's or Declaration          Official filed copy with El Paso Co Clerk and 

                                                                     Recorder office, with official government stamp 

                                                                     with the instrument number , dated 28 

                                                         September 1999 on every page.  Not offered on 

                                                                    Master web page.  


            The Articles of Incorporation      Official filed copy with the Colorado Secretary of 

                                                                    State, with official government stamp with filing 

                                                                    number, dated 22 June 1999  stamped on the 

                                                                   first page.  Not offered on Master web page. 


            Reserve Study                             Copy of the Reserve Study from Association 

                                                                   Reserves LLC, dated 17 November 2004.  Not 

                                                                   offered on Master web page.